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Let Us Find Your Speaker

You provide the information, then we take it from there to find the right speaker for you.


Just fill out the requested information below then sit back and relax while you get the legwork done FOR you.


In-Person and Virtual Events Are Available

Whether you desire an In-Person speaker or a Virtual presenter you may rest assured that we will work to meet your needs. 

YOUR Satisfaction Is Our Goal

We will ask you as many questions as it takes to make sure you get the presentation you are hoping for.


Just as your doctor asks you lots of questions to get to the bottom of your concern we will do the same concerning your event.


Event Questionnaire Form

Just fill out this form to let us know what you are looking for.

Or, if you prefer, call us at 213-909-5818 and we’ll help find your speaker.

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Pacific Standard Time

Would you like to receive a monthly update about our speakers?

Thanks for submiting!

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