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Clapping Audience

Why Choose Us?

Helping to make your event a success will be a priority if you choose us. You will not only be able to depend on us to find you a great speaker, you may also count on us to help you in any additional ways to make your event a success within our reasonable ability to do so. 'Here to help YOU to the Top' is not just our motto, it will be our mission.

To give you one less thing to worry about your speaker will be asked to arrive early and to notify you upon their arrival. You'll have enough to think about that day and wondering if your speaker will show up on time should not be one of those things.


Your speaker will make a presentation designed for YOUR audience, not a canned version that doesn't meet your audience's needs.

As a self-described "Daddy's Girl Dad" the founder of this Agency, Nicholas Harper, will pledge a percentage of the Agency's earnings to causes that benefit women and girls. Such causes include but are not limited to health concerns, educational and workplace issues, fighting domestic violence, sexual harassment and child and sexual abuse.

Let us handle it for you!

You've already got a lot on your plate so remove some of the stress by putting the job of finding a speaker for your event on our plate. Take away that stress and let us handle it for you. We do the work while you get the credit for bringing in a great speaker and the audience is happy...everyone wins! 


Your organization will receive ongoing support even after the speaker is done. By joining our mailing list you can be assured that our Agency will continue to serve you even after the speaker has done their job.

At the end of our speaker's presentation your organization will have the tools to become better off than before the speaker arrived.

Clapping Audience
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